Pipe Locating

Here is what a satisfied customer sounds like when both our Video Inspection camera and locator were used. The locator detected the camera in his sewer pipe and showed where the offending dip was, indicating that his driveway did not need to be dug up, thus saving him a lot of inconvenience and expense:

“Thank you Roto-Rooter! My name is John and my problem was a clogged sewer pipe. My wife called Fred Mills at Roto-Rooter on a Saturday morning and they came right over to see what they could do. Fred and his assistant had the sewer pipe unclogged in very short order with their power snake, but that’s not where the story ends.

In talking to Fred with my situation, he decided that my sewer problem needed more diagnosis so he decided to come over during the week with his modern, sophisticated color camera machine. I watched the monitor as he snaked it through the sewer pipe. It revealed a low spot in the pipe where it was clogging. Fred suggested fixing the pipe in that area only, instead of digging up the road and the whole line.

This suggestion saved me hundreds if not thousands in replacing the whole sewer line. Thanks again to Fred Mills and his assistant for a job well done!”

John R. Berg
Jamestown, NY